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Full Body Massage (Abhyanga) + Ayurvedic Steam + Consultation With Qualified Ayurvedic Physician

Full body massage with pure herbal Meditated Oil is thoroughly massaged onto the body using Ayurvedic techniques, that results in improved Blood Circulation,Strengthen Muscles & Joints,Improved Skin Texture and Nourished Nerves.This fantastic & most popular massage is not only for those who are unwell, but for anyone looking for full rejuvenation of the mind and body.It will revive you both Mentally & Physically. Ayurvedic steam is, Sitting steam bath for the whole body (only the head is out). The therapy is done after all therapies to drive the herbal oil deeper into the layers of the skin, and remove toxins through sweating.

Proven Effective For ; Back, Lower back ache, Neck & Muscle pain, Frozen shoulder, Sprains, Stress, Exhaustion & Obesity,Makes Your Skin Healthy, Relieves you of general body aches, Improves blood circulation, Helps you in reducing weight, Drains toxins from deep tissues.
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Excellent Service.

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